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Ghost Post? No! Never! Don’t Ever Do That…

I have no doubt that LexBlog would make good money ghost writing blog posts for our 8,000+ authors who make LXBN a powerful community for lawyers — but this won’t happen. Why? Because it’s WRONG. Blogging is a two-way conversation that engages. If you’re expert and you want to be visible then stop with the excuses and … Continue Reading

“You Must Market Your Marketing”

Jay Baer talks about “breaking through the enormous amount of digital clutter.” Jay’s coaching in Why You Need to Market Your Marketing is spot on: We often think about content and social media as different, but they are really two sides of the same coin. Content is fire, and social media is gasoline. It’s much easier (and more effective … Continue Reading

Top 5 Reasons Lawyers Should Blog–Webinar Recap

This recaps of last week’s webinar that I co-hosted with CMO Eric Fletcher. Our 1-hour talk focused why a blog is an essential  tool for lawyers serious about business development. Core Beliefs Be sincere, authentic, transparent about “why” you do “what” you do. Remember, the “why” not the “what” drives business development. Example: What I Believe Informs Everything I … Continue Reading

How Online Networking Turns into Friendship then Collaboration

Kent Huffman’s 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success hit my radar after my friend, colleague and client, Eric Fletcher, sent me the book with this thoughtful note: That’s quite the gesture coming from a guy selected from more than 300 candidates, to be one of 16 featured speakers in the October 2013 TEDx program in San Antonio, Texas. This is also a CMO who … Continue Reading

Elevate Your Understanding of Social Media — 8 Mandates

Kent Huffman decided to write 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success to identify and explore the most important personal behavioral traits that marketers need to master in order to get measurable, repeatable results with social media. This book is a product of networking – largely through social media. Kent curated insights and success stories from 154 CMOs, marketing … Continue Reading

WEBINAR: Top 5 Reasons Lawyers Should Blog

DATE: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 TIME: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Eastern WHERE: Register here Why this webinar? Two reasons: One… The traditional way of building a law practice doesn’t work so well anymore. Offline referrals, Rotary meetings and lunches won’t get you where you need to go. The marketplace is too crowded and your potential … Continue Reading

Transparent Leaders Don’t Indulge in the Culture of Over-Sharing

Everything I do or say flows through my network. In fact, my actions and words influence not only my “first degree” friends, but also my friend’s friends (2nd degree) and even my friend’s friend’s friends (3rd degree). The same is true for you. This phenomena is called the Three Degrees of Influence rule and the research of  Harvard-trained … Continue Reading

McKinsey to Professional Services: “Huge ROI From Social Media”

If you lead or do the marketing or business development for professional service firm (includes accounting, advertising and marketing, architecture, management consulting, engineering, IT, legal, and scientific research services) then know this: The professional services industry has the greatest potential of any industry to see huge return-on-investment benefits from social media. That comes from the McKinsey Global … Continue Reading

Write the Blog Post Yourself — Outsourcing “Your” Smarts Is Dumb

I found this gem of a blog post – Why You Should Write Your Own Blog – in my twitter stream thanks to Jeffrey Waggoner. The author is Tom Albrighton, principal at ABC Copywriting – a company he founded in 2005. If you’re a professional blogger or considering a blog for your content strategy then Tom’s post is a must-read. His post is best appreciated by reading … Continue Reading

My Friend — Investment Banker, Lawyer, Diplomat, Harvard MBA, Former CIA Spy and China Expert…

I don’t know many people like my client, Malcolm Riddell. He’s an investment banker, lawyer, diplomat, Harvard MBA, and former CIA spy. He participated in China‘s rise to an economic and political powerhouse over the last 30 years. Today, Malcolm is the president of RiddellTseng. This boutique investment bank advises leading international financial services companies on China-focused business & investment opportunities. He’s also … Continue Reading

What I Believe Informs Everything I Do for You as a Client

A blog post doesn’t have to be long to make a point. I understand the immense power of a lawyer networking through the Internet. What I believe informs everything I do for you as a LexBlog client or prospect. Social media challenges the “traditional” notion of how you — as a lawyer — develop business. I’m sure … Continue Reading

The “No Urgency, Chaos or Drama” Zone

While proofing this post for Kevin, I was reminded of the first time I saw this sign: “No Urgency, Chaos or Drama”  I was interviewing. This sign hangs outside Kevin’s office. I thought, okay, THIS is where I want to work. This was opposite of prior work places which, unfortunately, I became skilled at navigating. … Continue Reading

7 Steps for Legal Professionals to Build Strong Online Presence

As promised, these are my “talking points” based on the 7 Steps for Legal Professionals to Build Strong Online Presence webinar held on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 1 PM ET. Since the webinar slides are available for LexBlog clients to download, I won’t repeat what is on those slides. The INSTRUCTIONS for accessing the Webinar recording and slides … Continue Reading

View Stress as Helpful to Performance (and Live Longer)

This blog post is inspired by Semih Yağcıoğlu. Semih develops software in Ankara, Turkey. Semih caught my attention after he followed me on Twitter. As I perused Semih’s stream of tweets, I came across his tweet referencing Psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s TedTalk: How to make stress your friend. This talk took place in Edinburgh, Scotland in June of 2013. How you think about … Continue Reading

How Do You Hold the “Leash of Leadership?”

The baby I cradle today is tomorrow’s warrior. Viggo is a Nordic boy’s name meaning “warrior.” The Icelandic variant means “one who lies in a cradle.” Every great warrior — even Alexander the Great – was cradled. This 8-week old puppy is no different. He’s a Leonberger. He could top out at 140-150 pounds in 2-3 years. I won’t … Continue Reading

“Where There is Ink, There is Envy” — SEO is Dead!

Every professional “…should be delighted to hear…that the old-fashioned concept of SEO is deader than last week’s sandwich.” In fact, the ”bullhorn of radio, television, print and other one-way interruptive marketing approaches are quickly losing efficacy” and that’s an opportunity for you.  Today’s marketing is much more “ambiguous, subtle, and not nearly as heavy-handed as it has been … Continue Reading

In Business Development — Who Knows What You Know — Is a Big Deal

This guest post is authored by an exceptional business development coach focused on helping lawyers. He’s also a friend and my client for which I’m grateful. His name is Cordell Parvin and his 36 years as a practicing attorney sets him apart from other lawyer coaches as his teachings are based on firsthand experience. Today’s post helps you … Continue Reading

Millennials’ Reliance on Social Disrupts All Areas of Business

If you’re a professional doubting the importance of having a strong online presence then you may not be in sync with your future clients. Here’s some advice: “Take time to engage with us. Don’t just push your message, but listen as well. Social media networks make this very easy for you but they’re often misused … Continue Reading