Accelerate Growth Peer Advisory

You lead. You found. You own. You hold the President and CEO title. That seat is hot. You drive hard. You don’t take a break. You achieve big. Your energy is boundless. You are exhilarated. You might also feel lost, drained and disengaged. Sometimes you get stuck IN the weeds of your business. That’s the paradox. Most Leaders:

  1. Feel isolated and are looking for a source of agenda-free advice
  2. Struggle with a balance between work and personal time
  3. Are frustrated by slowing, stagnating business
  4. Have difficulty managing rapid growth
  5. Wish to be held accountable

The reality? You don’t get to wear your frustrations or anxieties on your sleeve.You don’t get to have a bad day.You have to show up every day. You still have to make the key decisions for the company. You have to inspire active participation in your vision. You have to build culture. You have to manage change. You have to live in a perpetual state of discomfort. So,


…for businesses seeking to achieve profitable growth and for leaders feeling secluded as they deal with critical decisions…


Vistage brings together CEOs, executives, and business owners into confidential peer groups, forming a trusted advisory network that when combined with a proven, issue resolution process led by an experienced Chair,…


…enables leaders to hear diverse perspectives on their issues and opportunities and make better business decisions that lead to positive results….

Proof imageProof

…For example, Vistage helped an electronics distributor experiencing stagnant growth define and communicate a compelling strategy and market position, leading to over 50% growth. A 2015 independent analysis revealed that companies that joined Vistage over the past 5 years grew three (3) times faster than the average U.S. company.

If you are:

  • Eager to develop and grow personally and professionally
  • Intelligent, self-aware, coachable and a lifelong learner
  • Prepared to check your ego at the door (humble)
  • Rewarded by contributing to others’ success
  • Energized by networking with other leaders
  • Interested in other people’s perspectives
  • Ready to challenge the status quo

And, ready to work ON your business instead of  IN your business then I would like to talk with you. You may be a candidate  for my CEO peer group. The Mutual Selection Journey is a guided process:

Membership Path

The Mutual Selection Journey is an opportunity for you to get to know me and the group I chair. The selection process requires that we:

  1. Connect by phone for 10 minutes to exchange information,
  2. Meet for 20-30 minute to explore interest in experiencing Vistage, and;
  3. Have a private, 90-minute conversation to determine if Vistage is right for you and if you’re right for my group.

Please read my post on Member Attributes for a sense of the quality of my members.

Experience Vistage

The next opportunity for you to experience my Vistage CEO peer group meeting is on Thursday, October 20. You’ll gain also insight into my members and the Vistage issue resolution and discovery process. Our morning speaker is Pat Murray. He’s a nationally-recognized expert on the topic of high-performance leadership. Murray is leading a workshop on what makes the top 1-2 percent of the CEO ranks so exceptional. He’ll answer this powerful question:

What separates the top 1-2% CEOs from everyone else?

Save the date 2Save the date:

  • What: Chief Executive Peer Group Meeting
  • When: Thursday, October 20. Breakfast 7:30 AM sharp. Speaker: 8 to 11 AM. RSVP here.
  • Where: Escala (Theatre Room), 1920 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

To join my group, you must be selected as a candidate or referred by a member, and:

  1. Be the decision maker for your company (with P&L responsibility),
  2. Generate more than $5 million in revenue, and;
  3. Complete the Mutual Selection Journey.

Call-Me imageIf you would like to talk or have questions:

Seating is limited for the 10/20 CEO group meeting. If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP here and let’s talk soon.