PurposeFUL 2Curious about an ongoing study of the mindsets of business leaders when delivering their most extraordinary results?  What is the mindset that shows up when CEOs are at their most effective?

Of the eight mindsets identified, the “Purposeful” theme is exhibited by 82% of the leaders. This mindset is especially important to a sense of personal power and mission and that translates into high levels of accomplishment.

So, how do you produce exceptional or brilliant results? Can you explain how you did it? Can you repeat? A mindset frame is not your genius but the “doorway” to your genius.

Dr. Eric Jackson’s research on exceptional performance reveals:

…[W]hen people are being their most exceptional and amazing selves, they are influenced by a particular frame of thinking: their Genius. By uncovering the Genius you don’t know you have, you can produce extraordinary results again and again.

Watch this powerful TEDx Talk:

You fuel your energy and resolve when you tap into your dominant genius mindset frame. Here are the 8 genius mindset frames presented in Jackson’s talk. Trust your instincts. Which mindset speaks to you?

  1. Purposeful: Impact, Legacy, Spiritual
  2. Other People: Collaboration, Contributor, Relationships, Success of others
  3. Positive Outlook: Optimism, Freedom, Choice
  4. Purpose of LifeMaximizing Possibilities: Making the Most, Finding Solutions
  5. Growth & Evolution: Learning, Discovering, Innovation
  6. Me with Me: Confidence, Self-awareness, Integrity (connected to self as a way of living)
  7. Experience of Life: Joy, Ease, Fun
  8. Get It Done: Perseverance, Hard Work, Winning

For business leaders having a purposeful mindset is key for driving performance. What might you do differently by looking through your genius mindset frame?