I write to express gratitude. Earlier this month, my Vistage CEO Peer Group welcomed member sixteen. I also signed the first member for my second CEO Group. Group two launches in the Spring of 2017.

No success is achieved alone. 

The ongoing counsel and encouragement of Tom Zahniser, Sarah Fraedrich, MK (Murthy Kalkura) and Tim Call help me in innumerable ways. THANK YOU! I am also inspired by the support and collegial spirit among my fellow Chairs and Vistage colleagues Nathan Hoover and Hannah Cates. I am backed by a strong team. Thanks so much Cara McDonald, Christine Masonthank-you-noteGaly Vega, and Elena Nelson. I deeply appreciate your hard work and commitment to my CEO members and Chair practice. And, Colleen McKenna and Doug Donnelly–and crew–thanks for having my back.

Throughout the year, I saw the power of a great network in life and on LinkedIn. You rallied for me. You shared great insights. You helped me accomplish some audacious goals by connecting me with Seattle chief executives, CEOs, presidents, founders and business owners. How do I thank you? I’ll find a way…

I’m in a place where calling and passion are aligned. I am humbled. I am fortunate to be working with CEOs in a “ready state” for personal and professional leadership growth. Doing the work of a Chair would not be possible without my CEO members. You are the knights of the round table. You are powerful CEO peer advisors to each other. And, I deeply appreciate your support, encouragement, and post-meeting libations.

So, how about this New Year’s wish?

  • Unlock potential
  • Take determined action
  • Choose abundance over scarcity

Intention ALWAYS prevails. Let’s all kick ass in 2017. Let’s all fail gleefully into success. Have a relaxing, joyful holiday season. I am because of YOU.

Butterfly Image for LCUAbout Kevin McKeown and his Vistage Chair Practice: Kevin is a trusted advisor to CEOs, founders, owners and other key executives. He is a seasoned Chair with a fully energized group of 16 CEOs and is currently working to build an equally dynamic second CEO group. His entrepreneurial and C-level leadership roles range from early stage to Fortune 500 (Mitsubishi) firms. As LexBlog’s President, Kevin’s team built the world’s largest professional blog network. As co-founder of HitHive, Inc., his team brought digital music to cell phones. Kevin also helped build and sell one of the first online department stores. He has a JD from Villanova University and a Bachelors in English from University of Pittsburgh. Kevin lives in downtown Seattle. His blog is Leadership Close Up. Kevin’s top five Gallup Strengths: Strategic • Ideation • Command • Individualization • Achiever