Our chief executive peer group – Photo by Vistage Chair, Kevin McKeown © (All Rights Reserved)

No doubt you arrived at my blog after receiving a handwritten card. That note of gratitude promised an answer to this question: do you wonder what we treasure most about you?

Before I answer, let’s deconstruct how you ended up in our peer “discovery” group. First, we stripped away title; we imagined you powerless. Second, we saw a person plowing into feelings, thoughts and beliefs about leadership. Third, we experienced each other with all our foibles over a series of purposeful conversations. Fourth, we built relatedness around impactful legacy. You checked all the boxes necessary for a dynamic peer group:

  • Noncompeting business
  • Wired different from fellow peers
  • Novel perspectives and contrasting views
  • Penetrating insights fueled by a mélange of experience
  • Willingness to face issues, problems, challenges, and opportunities head-on

Finally, instinct took over and TOGETHER we decided the fit was right.

So, what do we TREASURE most about you?


Kevin McKeown©

We like how you show up. We enjoy the flavor you bring. We love how you listen. We observe passion, intellect and heart shared in ways that are uncommon, exclusive and singular to you. You are distinctive. An original. Special. Remarkable. Watching you dig inspires. We see magic fill the room when you lead with your voice.

Your decision to grow as a leader – and join our group as a pathway for that growth – transcends. You remind us to look inside to find our own way. Letting us wander with you on your journey influences us to take a step toward our own development. That’s what we treasure about you. You command us to act – to discover the source of our own magic. You inspire a valuable way for us to be.

Don’t believe us?

The likelihood of you being born as YOU is 1 in 400 trillion. The universe conspired to make you extraordinary. You being quintessentially you is indispensable for that transforming, compassionate ilk of leadership you offer. Being exposed to you is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The power in peers is YOU. We show up every month for YOU. We want access to your intellect, your heart, your passion, your drive.

IMG_3151Your way of leading is that rare and that’s grace. We need you. The world needs you. May you find and never lose your own vibe. But if you do – no worries – your peers will remind you who you really are through trust, caring, challenge and growth.

Now, let’s go bend the future to our will. Getting it done is genius!

Feel the ripple,

P.S. May you always be led by what you love.

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