As a business leader, your decisions have a long term impact on your company and your employees. Taking opportunities to improve your ability to make more effective decisions allows you to grow as a leader and increases the overall success of your business. Participate in the 2018 Vistage Executive Summit (VES) and bring a higher level of creativity and problem solving skills to your organization.

What is the VES?

This hands-on executive leadership event is more than just networking with other local business leaders. It is a conference filled with dynamic speakers, peer-to-peer interactive breakout sessions and learning new approaches to current challenges within your organization. Experience what it is to be part of Vistage and learn firsthand how being a member can make you a better leader.

Participate in Structured Issue Processing

Being a Vistage member means pooling perspectives of your peers and leaning into differences to make a better informed choice. Referred to as issue processing, this highly interactive, peer-to-peer discussion focuses on the root issue of a problem a member is facing, and taps into the power of the peer group to help identify constructive next steps. At VES, you will get the opportunity to participate in an issue processing session, something that is normally reserved only for Vistage members. By the end of the day, you will walk away with a new perspective, as well as with the tools to optimize your business, enhance your leadership and lead with innovation.

Get inspired by dynamic speakers

Every year, VES includes presentations by speakers specifically chosen for the value they will bring to participants. This year’s featured speakers discuss new approaches to decision making and leadership:

Hear from Alex Chausovsky, Senior analyst at ITR Economics, as he discusses leveraging dynamic decision-making to lead your business into the future in his presentation, Navigating the crest: Acute insights for improved decision-making.

Take your leadership to the next level, and learn how to turn disruption into strategic advantage from Rick Smith, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and TED speaker. His presentation, Leadership in disruption, teaches you how to navigate change to its greatest benefit.

Ready to attend?

Please call or text me at: (206) 890-6858 or email me: today for more details on how you can attend VES as my guest, along with more information on the event. I look forward to connecting with you.