Leadership isn’t about position, title or authority. The most effective leader seeks to influence. Influence requires communication. Communication requires a conversation.  Are you reaching your potential as a leader? Are you inspiring your people?

My Vistage workshop on Tuesday, August 7th will help you unlock your brilliance – your natural superpowers and gifts.

Our workshop leader is Amyk Hutchens – she’s a Vistage speaker, author, trainer, business strategist and founder of AmyK International, Inc. – AmyK has assisted 35,000+ executives based on her deep insights and understanding of the issues you face as a leader.

AmyK will introduce us to her approach for developing your leadership mindset and skills. She will shift your perspective on what successful leaders do to build thriving teams and flourishing companies.

AmyK will share effective tools that result in a direct, practical application for strengthening your performance and productivity as an individual and in a team environment. AmyK will help you achieve a more integrated, productive, and profitable lifestyle. She’ll introduce you to her a questioning style that’ll develop and increase your “enterprising skills.”

After participating in AmyK’s workshop, you will learn a:

  1. Questioning process or approach that applies leading and every day life.
  2. More effective way to set goals, build teams and make decisions in ways that transform organizations and improve client/customer relationships.
  3. A methodology for thinking, leading and managing more strategically.

Workshop Details:

  • Date: Tuesday, August 7th
  • Time: 7:30 to 11:30 AM
  • Location: Renton, WA

To reserve your seat, please email my Executive Assistant, Amber Gephart at amber.gephart@vistageteam.com. Seating is limited so please respond as soon as possible.

About Vistage Chair Kevin McKeownKevin is a Vistage Chair Excellence Award recipient and a trusted adviser, coach, guide and facilitator for chief executives, founders, owners and key executives. He chairs two fully energized CEO groups and a key executive group. Kevin is building an equally dynamic second key executive group. He’s enrolling high integrity candidates for seats now. Kevin’s entrepreneurial and C-level leadership roles range from early stage to Fortune 500 (Mitsubishi #118) firms. As LexBlog’s President, his team built the world’s largest professional blog network. As co-founder of HitHive, Inc., Kevin’s team brought digital music to cell phones. He also helped build and sell one of the first online department stores. Kevin has a JD from Villanova University and a Bachelors in English from University of Pittsburgh. He resides in downtown Seattle. To learn more about Kevin’s leadership Chair practice, go to his LinkedIn