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What is Your Peer (and Leadership) Superpower?

No doubt you arrived at my blog after receiving a handwritten card. That note of gratitude promised an answer to this question: do you wonder what we treasure most about you? Before I answer, let’s deconstruct how you ended up in our peer “discovery” group. First, we stripped away title; we imagined you powerless. Second, we saw a … Continue Reading

Be Discoverable–Google Loves Law Blogs And So Should You

Here’s what we all want to know: Who are you? What do you do? How are you different? Yep, that’s what inside counsel and consumers of legal services want to know. So, how do you convey what’s special about you? Please don’t say your law firm website. A bio stuck inside a static website is like … Continue Reading

Seattle Enchants–Watch Why…

Seattle — captivating since 1851… My affaire de coeur with Seattle is long. Seattle is my hometown. Sorry Chicago (birthplace). Sorry Pittsburgh (college, etc.). You’re both great cities but you’re not the Emerald City. It’s no fluke that Seattle is the fastest-growing major city in the USA and the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. F-Stop Seattle’s time lapse photography captures the hypnotizing allure of … Continue Reading

Ireland, Moving and “Blog Interruptus”

I aim to publish a blog post every Tuesday but I missed the last couple weeks because I was in Ireland. When I returned, LexBlog was in the midst of a 5-block move that felt more like a 1,000 miles. That 1-2 punch knocked me off my game. This post is my way of clawing back … Continue Reading

The Seattle Seahawks — Super Bowl 48 Champs! A Memento…

  How could I not buy  The Seattle Times paper today?My other Seattle Seahawks posts: Coaching “Excellence” Without Being an A-hole… Viggo is the Seahawks Bronco-busting Carpathian Inman’s Cartoon Prophecy: Seahawks Super Bowl Bound! Overcoming Hearing Loss — Seahawks Derrick Coleman Scores “Touchdown” in Duracell Commercial Seahawks Dominate “Bucking” Bronco (The Oatmeal)… Continue Reading

Take ABOVE THE LAW’s Confidential Social Media Survey

If you care about the “business of law” then Above The Law’s article: This ‘Social Media’ Thing Might Not Be A Fad, Law Firms Acknowledge by Brian Dalton is a must-read. Traditional marketing is not the only path and may not be the best path these days. Today’s law firm leaders can no longer ignore “…the positive role … Continue Reading

Take a Dog’s Lead and Take a Pause

As I was putting the final touches on that last blog post, I noticed my dog leaning against my backpack penetrating me with this dreamy look.  That “look” that says, “I’m exactly where I want to be — right here with you.” Kiai (key-eye) walks, smells and marks with me to work almost everyday.  That roundtrip … Continue Reading

Are You Using the Internet as a Tool for Accelerating Your Relationships and Word-of-Mouth?

Lots of good chatter at #SML12… For almost 5 years now, I’ve asked lawyers who are serious about effective business development this singular question: Are you using the Internet as a tool for accelerating your relationships and word-of-mouth? That’s a starting point for acceptance. Professionals, including lawyers, need to adjust to a changing society just … Continue Reading