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How do I build my personal, professional and company brand on LinkedIn? Seattle Vistage Workshop (RSVP NOW)

Decide Today. How you and your employees appear, connect, search and engage on LinkedIn is critical to increasing your sales pipeline and personalizing your marketing campaigns. Do you and your employees believe that? Does your sales force lead from a growth mindset? Are they aligned with your marketing folks? Have they honed the skills necessary … Continue Reading

A “Job Posting Done Right” Benchmark in Seattle

Business Development Lead – Strategy + Marketing = Great Opportunity! (Belltown) hide this posting compensation: DOE – Salary + Bonus/Commission employment type: full-time Dynamic Computing is looking for a Business Development Lead! Dynamic Computing is a leading Managed IT Service Provider to small and mid-sized companies and organizations located in the Puget Sound region and … Continue Reading

Thanks Seattle Network, Vistage, Colleagues, CEOs, and LinkedIn

I write to express gratitude. Earlier this month, my Vistage CEO Peer Group welcomed member sixteen. I also signed the first member for my second CEO Group. Group two launches in the Spring of 2017. No success is achieved alone.  The ongoing counsel and encouragement of Tom Zahniser, Sarah Fraedrich, MK (Murthy Kalkura) and Tim … Continue Reading

Isolated? Hearing Echos? Find Your Decision-Making Sweet Spot

To be a great decision-maker you must fine-tune your network. You must also carefully and continually engage in social exploration. From the HBR article, Beyond the Echo Chamber: “Decisions don’t happen in a vacuum; the best ones rarely come from deep pondering in isolation. They happen when people learn from and draw on the experiences of others. In this … Continue Reading

Generating Rapid, Repeatable Revenue: Seattle CEO Workshop

This is just a quick reminder about the private CEO breakfast/lunch meeting I’m hosting at Escala on June 21 from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM. At this private peer advisory board meeting, we’ll hear from Vistage speaker Greg Winston. He’s talking about Generating Rapid, Repeatable Revenue. Greg explains how to improve sales and how to hire … Continue Reading

Google Nipping At Your Heels? Try Being More “Responsive”

Did you know that mobile overtook “fixed Internet access” last year? “So what?” Really, you’re saying, “So what?” Well, unless “…you’re Chuck McGill or you solely serve neo-Luddite technophobes who curmudgeonly resist the coming Singularity, you need to make your [blog and] website mobile-friendly.” That’s your digital universe shaking. Feel that dog nipping at your heels? Pause. Breathe deep. Ouch! … Continue Reading

Not Everyone Blogs–Therein Lies Your Competitive Advantage…

Almost every serious professional probably has a website but not every professional has a blog. In fact, a small percentage of professionals blog. An even smaller percentage blog well. Therein lies the competitive advantage… The best bloggers are self-starters with a bias toward action. They realize that the vast majority of their peers don’t have the break-through … Continue Reading

Be Discoverable–Google Loves Law Blogs And So Should You

Here’s what we all want to know: Who are you? What do you do? How are you different? Yep, that’s what inside counsel and consumers of legal services want to know. So, how do you convey what’s special about you? Please don’t say your law firm website. A bio stuck inside a static website is like … Continue Reading

Syndicated Content: 3 Things to Do Right Now

Today’s guest post is authored by Kristina Corbitt. Kristina is LexBlog‘s Training & Community Manager​. She focuses on​ engaging our clients on and offline and provides a litany of resources for clients in LexBlog’s Reach community. Kristina’s blog post below exemplifies the immense value and support she delivers each and every day to our clients and the entire … Continue Reading

Make The Investment To Blog–Corporate Counsel Will Reward You

No one should be surprised that Fortune 500 companies hire some of the biggest names in law for legal services. Corporate Counsel’s annual report lists the top ten law firms hired by the Fortune 500. As David Lat points out in Who Represents America’s Biggest Companies? (2014): …[T]he most-mentioned firms aren’t necessarily the most prestigious or the … Continue Reading

Like You Really Need To Validate Your Social Media Presence…

Because of the hugely influential role that the Fortune 500 companies play in the business world, studying their adoption and use of social media blogs offers important insights into the future of commerce. These corporations provide a look at emergent social media trends among America’s most successful companies. Read: Fortune 500 Blogs Validate Social Media Presence by Jack Loechner … Continue Reading

To Own Your Blog Is To “Control” Your Professional Destiny

If you’re not online then you’re losing traction (and clients) to the professionals cultivating a strong online presence through the act of blogging. The Internet is a communication ecosystem that amplifies the effect of lucrative referrals with “word-of-mouse spread[ing] even faster than word-of-mouth,” according to a Harvard Business School study, The Economics of E-Loyalty. An Example of Traction … Continue Reading

Bloggers: Your Audience Wants Real-time Conversation

With the Internet and social media spreading information in every direction how does a lawyer stand out? How do you get noticed among the 3 billion Google searches performed each day? First, develop a sense for where your clients and prospects tend to gather online. Second, get a feel for why they congregate on one platform over another and how … Continue Reading

“Listening To Learn” Is Learning To Listen

Shut up and listen. Not you. Me. I can’t believe how often I blow the opportunity to help someone because I’m “listening” for an opening to articulate my thought or idea. That’s not listening. That’s one-way broadcasting masquerading as listening. I’m not alone. The average person listens at only about 25% efficiency. Two observations: One … Continue Reading

Law Is A Social Business

I never met Amy Hrehovick but the beat of her Twitter stream thunders: I’m sure that cartoon trigger chuckles in many marketers and business developers trying to help lawyers grow revenue. Why? The legal profession traditionally is slow to adapt. Well, slow-moving lawyers, change is afoot in law and social is a big part of that. Social changes how … Continue Reading

Bloggers: Internet Trolls Are Broken People — Ignore Them…

Do you willingly feed trolls who are trying to obscure their identities? I’m not talking about the cave-dwelling, ugly beings depicted in folklore as either giants or dwarfs. Those trolls aren’t yet online. I want you to focus on the more insidious demons known as the “Internet trolls” (aka troll-holes as in a-holes). Troll-holes are … Continue Reading

Are You Making #Social Networking Part of Your Livelihood?

The first time Merriam-Webster editors could find social networking being used was over fifteen (15) years ago. Today, social networking is so commonplace that the phrase has gained entry into the Merriam-Webster 2014 collegiate dictionary. Congratulations, social networking! I’m not sure why this took so long. In the words of Merriam-Webster’s Editor-at-Large Peter Sokolowski: So many of these new … Continue Reading

Invisible Online? Join the Dinosaurs…

If you’re a lawyer whose online reputation doesn’t equal or exceed your offline reputation then you’re pretty much S.O.L. in today’s “social” world. Consider: Click on this infographic  below and also see my related post, Top 5 Reasons Why Lawyers Need to Blog for more information. While I recommend reading the post in its entirety, here’s a brief … Continue Reading