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How do I build my personal, professional and company brand on LinkedIn? Seattle Vistage Workshop (RSVP NOW)

Decide Today. How you and your employees appear, connect, search and engage on LinkedIn is critical to increasing your sales pipeline and personalizing your marketing campaigns. Do you and your employees believe that? Does your sales force lead from a growth mindset? Are they aligned with your marketing folks? Have they honed the skills necessary … Continue Reading

Millennials’ Reliance on Social Disrupts All Areas of Business

If you’re a professional doubting the importance of having a strong online presence then you may not be in sync with your future clients. Here’s some advice: “Take time to engage with us. Don’t just push your message, but listen as well. Social media networks make this very easy for you but they’re often misused … Continue Reading

Developing an Integrated Professional Presence in the Physical and Virtual Worlds

The Professional Development Consortium (PDC) hosts its Summer conference in Seattle July 12-14, 2012. The theme of the conference is Innovation – Above and Beyond. I have the honor and pleasure of being on a panel moderated by professional development expert and blog author Cindy Pladziewicz.  We’ll be discussing how to develop an integrated professional presence both … Continue Reading