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How effective is your decision making? Take your skills to the next level by attending the Vistage Executive Summit

As a business leader, your decisions have a long term impact on your company and your employees. Taking opportunities to improve your ability to make more effective decisions allows you to grow as a leader and increases the overall success of your business. Participate in the 2018 Vistage Executive Summit (VES) and bring a higher … Continue Reading

Register for Seattle’s Vistage Executive Summit – Tuesday, May 16th

Driving Dynamic Decisions Executives are in the business of making decisions. Difficult decisions. Big decisions. Decisions no one else can make. Many times, there are no clear-cut answers. But there ARE make-or-break consequences. This is the world you live in. Own it. Don’t just make a decision. Optimize it. What is the Vistage Executive Summit? Helmed by … Continue Reading

Adapt to Law’s Digital Disruption or Die by Snooze

If “what we find changes who we become” then consider this Law 2.0: The New Continuum of Legal Education report by Colorado Law (University of Colorado at Boulder): Digital disruption is forcing law to change just like journalism, music, video and other information industries. This digital transition leaves many traditional law firm business models under stress. This creates new … Continue Reading