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How do I build my personal, professional and company brand on LinkedIn? Seattle Vistage Workshop (RSVP NOW)

Decide Today. How you and your employees appear, connect, search and engage on LinkedIn is critical to increasing your sales pipeline and personalizing your marketing campaigns. Do you and your employees believe that? Does your sales force lead from a growth mindset? Are they aligned with your marketing folks? Have they honed the skills necessary … Continue Reading

Bloggers: Your Audience Wants Real-time Conversation

With the Internet and social media spreading information in every direction how does a lawyer stand out? How do you get noticed among the 3 billion Google searches performed each day? First, develop a sense for where your clients and prospects tend to gather online. Second, get a feel for why they congregate on one platform over another and how … Continue Reading

You Don’t Need to Master Every Social Media Platform

Click on the infographic to the right to get a sense for the business lead generation potential of LinkedIn, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  Just know that you need more than statistics to develop a sound business development strategy online. In fact, according to Dorie Clark, “the harder decision is figuring out which [platform] you should prioritize — … Continue Reading

Still Denying the Use of Social Media? Consider…

The use of Social Media platforms is growing at an exponential rate in the US. In the last 7 seven years, the use of social media has grown 356 percent.  “The Rise of Social Commerce” Infographic The big picture: 2.27 billion people are online 91% of online adults use social media regularly US Internet users spend 3X … Continue Reading

Trevor Faure to Lawyers: Do Business Development in a Smarter Way

To survive and thrive in today’s legal marketplace, the most successful lawyers marry the practice of law with the business of law. That means learning the art of business development. And, this means knowing the client’s industry frictions enough to provide true business solution insights that are cost effective. If you’re a lawyer trying to … Continue Reading