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How do I build my personal, professional and company brand on LinkedIn? Seattle Vistage Workshop (RSVP NOW)

Decide Today. How you and your employees appear, connect, search and engage on LinkedIn is critical to increasing your sales pipeline and personalizing your marketing campaigns. Do you and your employees believe that? Does your sales force lead from a growth mindset? Are they aligned with your marketing folks? Have they honed the skills necessary … Continue Reading

Biggest Challenge Legal Marketers Face? Lawyers…

This guest post is authored by Cara McDonald, LexBlog’s Director of Marketing. Her post was published first on Above The Law. Get Real With Law Firm Marketing—5 Observations Slick marketeers, snake-oil salesmen, racketeers, office assistants… Some lawyers believe marketing is not a valid profession or discipline. That’s B.S. Legal marketers are misunderstood at best and completely maligned at worst. As a … Continue Reading

“You Must Market Your Marketing”

Jay Baer talks about “breaking through the enormous amount of digital clutter.” Jay’s coaching in Why You Need to Market Your Marketing is spot on: We often think about content and social media as different, but they are really two sides of the same coin. Content is fire, and social media is gasoline. It’s much easier (and more effective … Continue Reading

Elevate Your Understanding of Social Media — 8 Mandates

Kent Huffman decided to write 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success to identify and explore the most important personal behavioral traits that marketers need to master in order to get measurable, repeatable results with social media. This book is a product of networking – largely through social media. Kent curated insights and success stories from 154 CMOs, marketing … Continue Reading

McKinsey to Professional Services: “Huge ROI From Social Media”

If you lead or do the marketing or business development for professional service firm (includes accounting, advertising and marketing, architecture, management consulting, engineering, IT, legal, and scientific research services) then know this: The professional services industry has the greatest potential of any industry to see huge return-on-investment benefits from social media. That comes from the McKinsey Global … Continue Reading

Print-Version of Encyclopedia Makes Comeback

This 1-minute video might be about the: Importance of having business insight, Havoc wreaked by poor communication, or; Problems with focusing on the wrong metrics. Frankly, I don’t care what Adobe’s video is about.  I’m sharing this video because it’s funny. Enjoy: The lesson? When your content or marketing (E.g. via blog, tweet, video, Linkedin … Continue Reading

Take ABOVE THE LAW’s Confidential Social Media Survey

If you care about the “business of law” then Above The Law’s article: This ‘Social Media’ Thing Might Not Be A Fad, Law Firms Acknowledge by Brian Dalton is a must-read. Traditional marketing is not the only path and may not be the best path these days. Today’s law firm leaders can no longer ignore “…the positive role … Continue Reading

You Need a Better B2B Content Strategy

According to Forrester, all B2B decision-makers, buyers and influencers can be reached via social media and networking channels today. I wrote about this compelling research here. To leverage this research you need to develop a B2B content strategy that achieves your objectives. But according to a CMO Council report featured in this CMS Wire post, “…many businesses are lacking proper B2B … Continue Reading

A Unique Point of View is HUGE for Building Online Reach and Social Spread

Standing at the Precipice is an example of a unique point of view: For over 100 years, the legal profession has existed virtually unchanged. Weighed down by decades of precedent and immune to innovation. Those days are over. The time for change has come for the business of law. This is our story: I’d say … Continue Reading

The Power of Online Word-of-Mouth in the Social Networking Era (Ignore at Your Peril)

I realize that the concept of word-of-mouth happening online in a digital 24×7 world may feel messy and confusing especially for professionals. Still, the immense commercial value of billions of people connecting, engaging and sharing across massive, fluid networks can’t be overlooked. Online word-of-mouth via a Blog, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, email, list services, chat rooms or … Continue Reading

When the Customer Experience and Marketing Intersect

Sometimes the fewest words make the strongest point.  For instance, No amount of marketing genius will correct a bad customer experience. Large or small, virtual or face-to-face, what your market experiences in connection with your product or service IS your marketing. —Eric Fletcher Powerful, right? From that post, Eric goes on to say: “For every business, customer experience and marketing … Continue Reading