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Strong Leaders Cultivate a Growth Mindset. See Visual:

What I believe about my abilities and potential fuels my behavior and predicts my success as a person and a leader. I’m dedicated to staying in shape. I do CrossFit and Yoga. Why wouldn’t I also tune-up the internal dialogue that shapes every aspect of my life? That inside game starts with mindset and focus. Choosing a growth mindset “…creates a passion for … Continue Reading

View Stress as Helpful to Performance (and Live Longer)

This blog post is inspired by Semih Yağcıoğlu. Semih develops software in Ankara, Turkey. Semih caught my attention after he followed me on Twitter. As I perused Semih’s stream of tweets, I came across his tweet referencing Psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s TedTalk: How to make stress your friend. This talk took place in Edinburgh, Scotland in June of 2013. How you think about … Continue Reading